CA B. K. Bansal
Chairman, HCHS

Dear all,

Let me begin with a warm welcome to you and your family to HCHS fraternity.
To quote Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.

Education in today’s times, is a pivotal tool which can be used to transform society, create awareness in the minds of individuals and a perfect means to unfurl the rational and logical thinking. It improves the skills and develops the personality of an individual. It provides a platform to showcase real potentials. The dream of every child, can turn reality through education.

HCHS has always focused on a holistic learning approach i.e. emphasized a wholesome curriculum as well as incorporate educational technologies to make learning fun and interactive. The school imparts core values of confidence, communication and character building. It aims to channelize the effervescence of the youngsters towards nation building. In HCHS, a child is groomed and nurtured in such a manner that he can stride into the world confidently and independently. The successful alumni and the excellent Board result are living proof of the academic excellence of this institution.

HCHS will always strive for excellence and will continue to set high standards in future.