Chairperson’s Message

Nirmal AggarwalStand for something Bigger than Yourself.

Every single one of us is here for a reason, a special purpose – a mission. Yes, build a beautiful life for yourself and those you love. Yes, be happy and have a lot of fun. And yes, become successful, on your own terms rather than on those suggested to you by society. But ….. above all else …… be significant. Make your life matter. Be of use. And be of service to as many people as possible. This is how each of us can shift from the realm of the ordinary into the heights of the extraordinary. And walk among the best who have ever lived. Sometimes “our contributions are clearly visible to the world ……. an advancement in science, a work of art, the creation of a successful company, the building of a house or a city. But sometimes, our contributions are less tangible, less measurable. Important is that we do contribute and make a difference. That we leave a legacy.”

Nirmal Aggarwal